We are also offering pet SPA as well, which is totally new in Australian-wide.

A professional pet SPA is a location where mineral-rich spring water is used to give medical baths. It is already a trend in China, Japan and South Korean. It is been proved the great outcomes of increasing hair nutrition, strength, and gloss. It is also showing strong evidence to help heal the problem skin.

Coconut Oil Milk Bath

With rich and delicate foam, a coconut oil milk spa can deep clean the skin and hair. A professional coconut oil milk spa can replenish hair moisture, smooth out frizz, fix and bright hair color, and remove odor. The product is rich in coconut oil essence, which can soothe the emotions of pets to a great extent, even pets in the first SPA will not resist or be stressed.

Propolis Milk Bath

Propolis, which is known as bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, promoting blood circulation and stasis, promoting local tissue regeneration and softening keratin material. With a high concentration propolis milk bath, pets can strengthen the cell membrane and promote cell regeneration. Long-term use can provide effective natural screensaver protection against skin diseases.

Nanometer Milk Bath

MMB magnetized energy milk bath machine with the use of molecular collisions and ultra-high frequency magnetic wave cutting principle, not only the bubble will become smaller, more can make the water molecules nano. It can remove old keratin throughout the body, deeply purifies pores, accelerates blood circulation, promotes metabolism, delays skin aging and enhances skin resistance. Long-term use has significant effects on dandruff, itchy skin, skin diseases, rashes, and dark spots.